The Virtuous Woman

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Proverbs 31 The Virtuous Woman 

Her worth as the good wife has surpassed that of the precious gem. Above all things she has gained the trust of her husband and richly satisfies in all his needs. She brings no hindrance to him, but rather positions herself to be of help to him all the days of his life. 

Who can find a virtuous woman? Her value is far more than rubies. Her king loves her and with great honor he reassures her that she’s clothed with strength and dignity. Knowing that God and her husband has her best interest at heart, she laughs without fear of the future. 

She is never afraid to push through the storm that seems ever daunting. She will not refrain herself from taking the leap of faith. She stands strong and continues to walk with her head held high. Determination and persistence are her clothing. 

She has made it her responsibility to be progressive and productive. There is no barrier that can stop her from the goals that she desires to achieve. She continues to work steadily with her hands until her dreams have become a reality. Each day she is quite busy, using the many talents that God has given her to ensure that her family has no lack. 

After the lengthy days of toiling she still continues to make prayer her priority. She sings heavenly songs as she fastens her children to sleep. Heaven knows her name as the heart that is purer than Gold. As she swaddles the night away, she tucks  beneath the arms of her loving husband. In the midst of the night she awakes giving thoughts of how she should care for her loving family. 

Oh woman of worth!! Oh woman of value! Your words are packed with wisdom and within you lies persistency, determination, courage, boldness and strength. Fly with your wings oh my virtuous woman. There's no doubt that you are compelled to do all that you can to shine bright as you’re the crown on your husband's head. Shine my beautiful soul! Your hands are blessed, your work is blessed and your children call you blessed. Oh virtuous woman how wonderful and blessed you are.

Oneal Skinner