Our Story

Firstly, I want to thank God for his grace and mercies, his strength and guidance everyday, without him I am nothing without him I can’t do anything. I am humbly grateful for this opportunity God has given me to share my story and gift to the world.

It all started many years ago in 2014  between the green and luscious mountains of the island of Grenada, the place where i spend my quiet time with God.They were nights where i would just go outside and admire Gods creation. During that moment God will place ideas, dreams, vision in my spirit  speaking to God and searching myself, I always had a passion  That moment i knew God had a planned for me he wanted  I knew that  God had placed the dream in my heart to inspire and touch  hearts all over the world with my gift. he began speaking to me about spreading his word i spend most of my time reflecting me other than my reading and writing beginning through the test and trails, the sunshine and the rain, I thank him for this gift he has given me a gift that will touch hearts and transform lives all over the world it’s not by might or not by power but by his spirit. There's a saying I always say "I rather find my true purpose than find any job or career", you can get fired from your job but you can’t get fired from your purpose. He has placed vision and desires in me that propelled me to start this venture. I wanted to create a pathway and leave a legacy to many generations to come. 

 What inspires me the most is when people can relate to Brand, when a smile is visible on the face of others when the heart is being changed and lives are being saved.



 Divine Designz Clothing came about as of a passion and a desire to impact and inspire people all over the world. Our goal is to spread the good news through our unique made products.Its bonding hearts creating path and memories that is everlasting. We want the world and every family to  be apart of this journey. Reaching the heart and souls of people all over the globe. Am so privilege that today Divine Designz has birth. We want you to be on this journey We can make this world a better place. Love is the answer. Unity is the key.